The bus is packed with happy hippies, the acid is in the kool-aid. The start-up bus is rolling out of town! Yahooooo!

For a few months adrenaline works well but after years, though you may still be on to a winner, how do you know if it hasn't yet become easy or mainstream. When do you just say: 'Nuts! I'm going home to meet my children.'

Our last business was founded in 2003. In 2006 we were making money selling to banks but fundamentally the product still wasn't a hit with consumers. The business was bank card customisation but no-one was putting pictures of their dogs on their cards. We were doing maybe 100 cards per day.

In 2007, we did 80,000 cards in one single day. And then the bank stopped the program (the next day). Arrggh.

Eventually, we got the process right and signed up some big banks: 2k per day, 5k per day, 10k per day, every day. Millions per year. By 2010 we were flying - 7 years after we founded.

Keep the faith. It may take a long time.